Gilpin Demolition Group improves project timescales and onsite safety with Coveya

contractor needed a quick and efficient way of removing asbestos cement from 12,000 tonnes of demolition waste

Gilpin Demolition demolished the former Quality Hotel building in Plymouth, Devon during 2016. The demolition rubble was found to contain asbestos which needed to be removed from the waste in the shortest time possible to facilitate further development.

Gilpin needed a fast, safe materials handling solution

The Challenge

Gilpin Demolition was looking at various different options on how to tackle this project, including pre-screening buckets and riddling buckets but these methods limit throughput along with raising safety issues for operatives picking through material near the equipment.

Gilpin Demolition of Quality Hotel, Plymouth

The Solution

Coveya provided a bulk feeder hopper which fed an Easikit 1200 picking belt conveyor for operatives to sort the screened material.  This then discharged onto an Easikit mobile conveyor in order to generate stockpiles of cleaned material to be moved elsewhere onsite using wheeled loaders.

Using the conveyor systems from Coveya is very effective, enabling us to produce rates of around 60 tonnes per hour which vastly speeds up our project time and reduces our programme costs. We've had a good relationship with Coveya; their customer service is second to none.

Paul Nicholls MCMI Commercial DirectorGilpin Demolition Group


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