Shifting 750 tonnes of gravel from a reservoir roof with weight restrictions

Our customer needed to removed 750 tonnes of gravel from the roof of a covered reservoir for essential maintenance works

Resevoir Case Study Video

The challenge

The covered reservoir roof had weight restrictions in place which prohibited the use of heavy traditional plant combined with the contamination risk of using diesel powered equipment. With significant ground level differences, the use of traditional plant - such as diggers and dumpers - would have posed significant material handling problems and safety risks.

Added to these factors, the site had very limited access, restricting large trucks. This meant that any equipment used had to be of a dimension that could be easily delivered and installed.

Weight restrictions and ground level differences posed significant materials handling challenges, as well as health and safety risks

The solution

The Easikit range from Coveya was a perfect solution for this project and allowed the contractor to swiftly commence work in removing the gravel safely, from a manual and environmental perspective. The conveyors were assembled and installed onsite by Coveya’s expert teams, providing a complete package for the customer along with generator power and necessary cabling. 

Once the maintenance works had been carried out, the conveyors were easily reconfigured to transport the gravel back up onto the roof and ensure timely reinstatement, helping the project stay on track.

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