Contractors faced an unusual problem at Royal United Hospital, Bath: how to keep quiet!

Ian Williams Construction needed a way to reduce the noise of a hospital project in Bath

It’s tough to see exactly where the new building is going up at the Royal United Hospital in Bath.  In fact, if you go onto the campus and listen for construction noise, you won’t have any luck.  The site is completely contained inside an enclosed garden space.  While it’s nice to see the hospital making use of the space they already have, starting this project inside an enclosed area meant that the contractors were unable to use any traditional digging or hauling equipment directly on site.

Ground level at the hospital build siteGround level at the hospital build site

The challenge

Initially, the contractors had planned to hire a lifting crane and several skips for their spoil removal.  Once a skip was filled in the garden area by the groundworks crew, the crane would lift the skip up and over the covered hospital corridor, and replace it with another.  However, the costs of having a crane on site were astronomical, and the logistics of setup were a nightmare as well.  With many tightly-packed hospital buildings around, lifting and swinging loaded skips about could raise some eyebrows.  Finally, the noise of a crane or other diesel equipment would certainly cause discomfort within the patient wards that sat just on the other side of the garden walls.

The contractors considered a crane for spoil removal. However, the costs of having a crane on site were astronomical, and the logistics of setup were a nightmare.

The solution

Luckily, Project Manager Nick Radford had a much better idea. He called Coveya. By setting up a conveyor system, Nick’s ground crew could load the spoil from the site directly onto a conveyor hopper that sat at ground level.  The 9-metre modular Easikit conveyor then took the spoil up the 35-degree angle to a height of just over 5 metres. Just over the top of the hospital walkway, it fed directly into a 14-metre flat conveyor, which carried the spoil away from the site and discharged onto a pile, where the spoil is hauled away.

This project is well underway. As soon as the initial groundworks and spoil removal are completed, the modular system from Coveya will really shine.  When it comes time for sand and other fill to be moved into the courtyard, the conveyor system will simply be flipped around.  Fill material will then be loaded onto the outside end and dumped directly into the courtyard, ready for action!  All of this will happen with the whisper-quiet  Easikit conveyors. As Nick said:

"I could leave these conveyors running all night if I wanted to, and they’re so quiet no one would even notice!"

Once all the groundworks materials have been moved on site, the hired conveyors will be disassembled, moved back to Coveya’s workshop, and rebuilt in different lengths for the next job. And all for a fraction of the cost of hiring a lifting crane for a few weeks.  Whether you’re avoiding manual handling, dealing with tricky spaces, or have a very tight budget to meet, a modular conveyor system from Coveya could be the right answer.

Be sure to check out  the Youtube video of our conveyors in action at the RUH!

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