An Innovative Solution For an Unusual Payload

Twenty-seven million kilograms of Richmoor multi-purpose compost.

That’s 26,573 imperial tons. By volume, it’s 72,000m3, or about 126.7 million pint glasses full. That’s a lot of material. Earlier this year, White Moss Horticulture found themselves with 40,000 pallets of compost that needed to be unloaded, debagged, and delivered up to a screener machine for processing.

The project

When first confronted with the challenge, the operations team from White Moss immediately set to brainstorm solutions.  Unfortunately, the pallets couldn’t just be dumped into the hopper en masse: each plastic bag of compost would need to be split open by hand to ensure the compost came out of the plastic. The throughput of the screener was also taken into consideration as overloading could cause a jam and create a very expensive delay.  It sounded like hand-loading of the hopper was the only solution- but how were workers supposed to heft bags up into the out-of-reach hopper all day?  Logistics would be shaky at best, and Health and Safety would surely have a fit with all that lifting.  The team needed a steady, mechanical mechanism to keep the hopper loaded with minimal human effort.

So they called Coveya.

The solution

Our team visited the operations manager on site and provided the recommendation of one of our Easikit 600 conveyors to move the bags up and into the hopper.  With one end on the ground (for easy loading) and the other end of the conveyor discharging up into the three-metre-high hopper, the Easikit conveyor continually moved the payload where it needed to go.  Labour crew members were able to take turns loading bags and standing on the platform next to the conveyor to cut them open as they passed by.

With the belt running at a speed of about 1m/s, White Moss’s team of two was able to shift over 550 bags per hour, and completed roughly 1,300 pallets in just the first two weeks of the project.  Unlike a forklift or manual labour team, the conveyor runs at a constant speed 8 hours per day, meaning there is zero downtime, and no one is moving back and forth at half efficiency.

The project is still ongoing at White Moss, and 40,000 pallets is no small task, so once space had cleared, they utilised a second Easikit 600 conveyor to double the throughput and complete the project even more quickly.

Thanks to their creative problem solving skills, the compost is flowing up and out like clockwork. No matter what your payload is, Coveya is here to keep you moving.

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