Case Studies

  • White Moss Horticulture
    White Moss Horticulture

    How do you de-bag and deposit thousands of kilos of compost into a shredder?

  • Gidea Park Railway Station
    Gidea Park Railway Station

    Crossrail contractor quickly replaces tons of ballast across a station platform with a bespoke conveyor solution

  • Jacob's Wells Road
    Jacob's Wells Road

    Site manager, Steven, needed to remove tons of spoil through a one-metre wide alley – one of the smallest spaces they had ever had to work in. The job seemed impossible...

  • Royal United Hospital, Bath
    Royal United Hospital, Bath

    Coveya partnered with Ian Williams Construction to help with groundworks at Royal United Hospital in Bath

  • Basement Conveyors
    Basement Conveyors

    Coveya regularly install Easikit conveyor belt systems into basement excavations in London. Working closely with the basement construction contractors we...

  • Trinity Square – London
    Trinity Square – London

    With this particular project, Coveya were able to demonstrate the versatility of their modular, manoeuvrable conveyor systems. 10 Trinity Square is a...

  • Red Hill Station
    Red Hill Station

    Unique challenges were faced moving 12,000 tonnes of track ballast, as part of a project to renew the sidings at Redhill Station The uniqueness of the...

  •  Recycling Conveyors from Coveya
    Recycling Conveyors from Coveya

    80 - 100 ton of waste will be put through this plant per day and recycle 25% of the waste streams from that VOLUME. Coveya manufactures, installs...

  • Reservoir Maintenance Works
    Reservoir Maintenance Works

    Our customer’s project involved removing 750t of gravel from the roof of a covered reservoir in order to carry out essential maintenance works...

  • Gilpin Demolition - Remediation Project
    Gilpin Demolition - Remediation Project

    Gilpin Demolition Group proves the benefit of using conveyors on a recent land remediation project

  • Landslide Remediation
    Landslide Remediation

    Following a landslide on the boundary of a residential care home in Derbyshire, Coveya were called by a local construction company to assist with the...

  • Southmead Hospital
    Southmead Hospital

    Southmead Hospital first opened in 1908 as a 64 bed workhouse for poor and sick people. It now occupies a 60 acre, or 240,000m2 site in Bristol. In 2005,...