Water Treatment Works

Water Treatment Works

Conveyors for water treatment programmes | Sewage and water treatment, dewatered sludge, cake handling

  • Easikit™ 600 Easikit™ 600
    The multipurpose, robust workhorse

    The Easikit™ 600mm modular belt conveyor is our ‘flagship’ model.  Rock solid...

  • Easikit™ Mobile Easikit™ Mobile
    Conveyor mobility onsite made simple

    The Easikit™ Mobile is the ideal solution when you need variable discharge heights for your project...

  • Easikit™ Radial Easikit™ Radial
    360 degree slewing for automatic and controlled stockpiling

    The Easikit™ Radial is ideal for projects where a combination of radial slewing action and variable discharge...

  • Easiwheel Easiwheel
    A versatile wheeled support frame for Easikit 450 and 600 Conveyors

    The Easiwheel is a versatile, wheeled undercarriage specifically designed for the Easikit 450 and Easikit 600...

  • WM208 Mobile WM208 Mobile
    WM208 Mobile Stockpile Conveyor (20m)

    The heavy-duty WM208 Mobile Stockpile Conveyor is uniquely designed and manufactured to deal with high production...

  • TM201 Tracked TM201 Tracked
    TM201 Tracked Stockpile Conveyor (20m)

    Powered by a CAT 2.2l engine, Coveya's heavy-duty TM201 Tracked Mobile Stockpiler is uniquely designed and...

  • The NEW Invader45 The NEW Invader45
    Portable, powerful, plug-and-play conveyor

    50% more powerful than other conveyors in its class, the new portable, reliable, and easy to use, Invader 45 conveyor...

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