The Easikit™ range

  • Easikit™ 300 Easikit™ 300
    A compact system ideal for basement excavations

    A very compact modular conveyor with a 300mm wide belt. Ideal for projects with tight working constraints.  ...

  • Easikit™ 450 Easikit™ 450
    A compact system with a larger capacity

    Highly adaptable modular conveyor with a 450mm wide belt. Up to 20m in one length. Ideal for projects that...

  • Easikit™ 600 Easikit™ 600
    The Multipurpose Robust Workhorse

    The Easikit 600mm modular belt conveyor is our ‘flagship’ model.  Rock solid reliablilty...

  • Easikit™ 900 Easikit™ 900
    A versatile belt conveyor for high volume projects

    The Easikit 900mm modular belt conveyor is ideal for those applications that require a larger throughput. A...

  • Easikit™ 1200 Easikit™ 1200
    For large volume applications

    The Easikit 1200 conveyor is popular for high volume industrial applications. Read More 1200mm wide...

  • Easikit™ 1500 Easikit™ 1500
    To achieve maximum volume throughput

    The Easikit 1500 conveyor is the widest model in the Easikit range.  Built to order, this is a great...

  • Easiveyor Easiveyor
    Road-towable conveyor to bring you greater mobility

    The Easiveyor is a unique, road towable unit comprising of a 5.0 metre Easikit 450 conveyor mounted on a trailer...

  • Easikit™ Mobile Easikit™ Mobile
    Conveyor mobility on-site made simple

    The Easikit™ Mobile is found in many industries where variable discharge heights are required (i.e....

  • Easikit™ Radial Easikit™ Radial
    For automatic and controlled stockpiling tasks

    The Easikit Radial covers applications where a combination of a radial slewing action and variable discharge...

  • Easiwheel Easiwheel
    Wheeled support frame for Easikit 450 Conveyor

    The Easiwheel is a versatile, wheeled undercarriage specifically designed for the Easikit 450 & Easikit 600...

  • Easibelt Easibelt
    Unit handling conveyors

    This versatile range of modular conveyors answers your requirements for reliable, compact equipment that will give...

  • Easitrak Easitrak
    Gravity Roller track conveyors

    Easitrak Gravity Roller Conveyors are a very popular, affordable conveyor system.  Constructed of mild steel,...

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