TM201 Tracked

Powered by a CAT 2.2l engine, Coveya's heavy-duty TM201 Tracked Mobile Stockpiler is uniquely designed and manufactured to deal with high production capacity and to facilitate larger stockpiles. The 20m (65ft) long and 1000mm extra-wide belt, and robust construction of the TM201 model make it ideal for heavy-duty materials handling and stockpiling applications, such as aggregates or stone.  Read more

  • Superb onsite manoeuvrability and variable discharge height up to 7.4 metres.
  • Unique long life, low-maintenance design for robust, reliable materials handling.
  • Impressive radial stockpiling capacities.



The TM201 Tracked Mobile Stockpiler is a heavy duty, mobile conveyor with variable discharge height and a powerful CAT 2.2l engine. With a 20m (65ft) long belt, the TM201 model is a longer version of our WM208 model with an extra-wide 1000mm belt, giving you scope to move materials even further. Fitted with its own integral hopper, it is ideally suited for heavier duty stockpiling applications such as handling aggregates or stone, and can also be used effectively for other materials such as sewage cake. 

The TM201 Tracked Mobile Stockpiler can be coupled to any crusher, screen, shredder or wash plant, and eliminates the need for wheeled loaders to build stockpiles, significantly reducing labour maintenance costs.

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How Suitable is this Conveyor for Your Job?

Ease of Setup


  • 20m (65') belt length
  • 1000mm belt width
  • Discharge height: up to 7.4m
  • Height to top of hopper: 1364mm at 22° incline / 2431mm at 1° incline
  • Powerful CAT 2.2l engine
  • Impressive radial stockpiling capacities
  • Superb manoeuvrability around site
  • Designed for quick and efficient transportation
  • Unique long life, low-maintenance design
  • Can be coupled to any crusher, screen, shredder or wash plant
  • Rapid onsite setup time
  • Eliminates need for wheeled loaders to build stockpiles, reducing labour maintenance costs


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