• Scott Brown
  • 12.08.16

The Most Cost Effective Loading Shovel

5 Great reasons to use a Stockpile Conveyor

Consider these points carefully! Could you streamline your processes and increase your profits by hiring or owning a mobile stockpile conveyor?

Stockpile Conveyor The most cost effective loading shovel on the planet!

Increase your site safety by reducing traffic levels and eliminate the use of loaders stockpiling material. There are also environmental benefits by reducing noise, dust and emissions.

Wheel loaders require operators - an extra cost and management demand

Conveyors operate at maximum efficiency every house of operation with minimum supervision - they also don't call in sick on Monday morning!

Increase production rates of existing crushers and screeners as excavators and loaders are left free to continuously load them.

Wheeled loaders require much more scheduled servicing top maintain them running efficiently with a greater number of wear parts.

Uniform aggregates is vital in the production of many materials such as concrete & asphalt.

Heavy equipment such as wheeled loaders can damage aggregate such as expanded clay, shale or slate through compaction or crushing.

Why not let Coveya see how much time and money you could save?

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