Recycling facility explains how modular conveyors help them manage tonnes of waste

With the help of coveya, 80-100 tonnes of waste will be put through this swansea plant per day...


Coveya manufactures, installs and maintains the Easikit range of conveyors, which are ideally suited to recycling applications.

The City & County of Swansea baling and recycling plant has been a satisfied user of Easikit conveyor systems from Coveya for a number of years.

Chris Fender, Recycling Facility Manager tells us about his experiences working with Coveya:

We’ve worked with Easikit for many years now. We have several of their modular conveyor systems throughout our facility. Parts are on carrier the next day which allows us to keep plant and equipment running with minimum downtime. The greatest advantage with Easikit is the fact that it’s a modular system and during installation it was a far easier project to lift and install parts of conveyor onto this elevated platform and working at height. It made it a lot safer for the contractors and the installation crews.

The challenges with our requirement is that we’ve constructed a picking station in an existing facility, with limited space and access to the building. Coveya has worked with us to solve these challenges.

"Coveya provides a very good backup service. you couldn’t ask for any better"

We’re hoping to put 80 to 100 tonnes of waste through this plant per day and recycle 20 - 25% of the waste streams, hopefully to pick some of the high value commodities out of the waste – plastics, metals, paper, cardboard and so forth. 

If a conveyor does breakdown, Coveya provides a very good backup service, motors, gearboxes, rollers etc. You couldn’t ask for any better. It’s just ideal.

Chris FenderRecycling Facility Manager

"Parts are on a next day delivery, which allows us to keep equipment running with minimum downtime"

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