Why Do We Have Hosepipe Bans And Not Bucket Bans? (And what's it got to do with conveyors?)

This summer's heatwave is having a disastrous effect on the plants in my garden. Some areas of the country are suffering a water shortage because we've had so little rain over the last few weeks, and authorities have had to take the drastic step of implementing a hosepipe ban. But they never ban buckets and other methods of carrying water. Why?

Hosepipes can carry more than 500 litres an hour, which is about the same amount as a family of four uses in a day. That's a lot of buckets of water! So if I want to give my thirsty plants a good soak (and I'm not in a hosepipe ban area) then a hosepipe is an obvious choice. The alternative is an awful lot more effort.

I can also lay a hose over garden furniture or shrubs so the water doesn't have to travel as far.

There are only two reasons why I might choose to use a watering can or bucket over a hose:

  1. If I only want to water one or two pots it isn't worth getting out the hose. A couple of watering can-fulls will suffice.
  2. If the plants are too far away for a hose to reach then I'll have to use buckets.

The choice between using a hose and carrying buckets is the same as between a conveyor and alternatives like dumpers, wheelbarrows, bags and buckets.

A conveyor provides a constantly flowing conduit for moving your material to where you need it. You'll have a job to keep a conveyor fully loaded!

They can also be laid over obstacles or through windows.

Just like with a hose, if you need to move your material a long distance, or if you only have a small amount of material to move, then a conveyor might not be your best option.

If your material is being moved less than about 150m and you have a large volume of material to move then a conveyor might prove sensible.

So if you're planning a project and wondering how best to move your material, think 'hose or buckets?'

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