Easikit™ 450

A highly adaptable, modular conveyor with a larger capacity for medium-duty handling. With a 450mm wide belt and up to 20m in one length, the Easikit™ 450 is ideal for projects that require a higher tonne per hour capacity than the Easitkit™ 300.   Read more

  • Robust and durable, the modular Easikit™ 450 provides up to 20m in one length.
  • Operates at angles up to 45 degrees for safe materials handling at steep inclines.
  • Compact design fits through doors and windows, without blocking construction access.



The Easikit™ 450 conveyor was originally introduced to meet the needs of the tunnelling industry, enabling adaptable, medium-duty materials handling in more confined spaces.

The Easikit™ 450 has gone from strength to strength and has been used in many notable projects (including the Channel Tunnel construction, Kings Cross extension and the Heathrow rail link).

A very popular model in the Coveya range, the Easikit™ 450 is used in many industries where a medium-duty narrow trough belt conveyor is required.


  • 450mm wide belt
  • Conveyor profile: 400mm x 600mm
  • Operates at angles up to 45 degrees
  • Feed by hand, wheelbarrow or small machine
  • Adaptable modular design up to 20m in one length
  • Robust construction
  • Durable galvanised finish
  • Belt speed: 0.9m/s
  • Capacity: up to 40tph
  • Weight: 50kg/metre
  • Voltage: 110v / 415v


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