Easikit™ 300

A very compact modular conveyor with a 300mm wide belt. Ideal for projects with tight working constraints.   Read more

  • Compact design fits through doors and windows, without blocking access entirely.
  • Adaptable, modular conveyor: up to 14.5m in one length.
  • Operates at angles up to 55 degrees for safe materials handling at steep inclines.


The Easikit™ 300 conveyor is a very compact conveyor system that is ideal for use in small spaces.  A well-established design since 1992, the Easikit™ 300 has become an essential piece of plant to assist in the building and refurbishment industry and for many other applications.

This model has proved extremely popular for applications where larger handling equipment is not practical, such as basement and cellar excavation and refurbishment. The ‘green conveyor’, as it has become known, is now a familiar sight in large cities like London, where the only practical way to expand is to dig down!


  • 300mm wide belt
  • Conveyor profile 400mm x 400mm
  • Operates at angles up to 55 degrees
  • Very compact to fit through doors and windows easily, without blocking access entirely
  • Feed by hand, wheelbarrow or small machine
  • Adaptable modular design up to 14.5m in one length
  • Robust construction
  • Belt speed: 0.9m/s
  • Capacity: up to 20tph
  • Weight: 60kg/metre
  • Voltage: 110v 32A


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