GP600 Conveyor

The GP600 Conveyor is a high-performance, heavy-duty conveyor that can be loaded with rubble using a bobcat or excavator. Designed primarily for the transporting of demolition spoils, it enjoys a robust and compact design that fits a variety of project sites.  Read more

  • 600mm belt provides maximum throughput.
  • Currently the heaviest duty ‘modular’ conveyor in our hire fleet.
  • Popular choice for demolition sites across the UK.

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The GP600's high-performance system and robust design make it the main choice for demolition sites across the UK. This heavy-duty conveyor belt works at a remarkable speed, with a 600mm wide belt providing impressive throughput. Although the GP600 is extremely heavy-duty, its compact design allows it to fit through most doorways and windows, while a hinged discharge point allows for use on gantries over roadways. 



  • 600mm wide belt 
  • Heavy duty conveyor complete with impact rollers at loading point
  • Operates at angles up to 35 degrees
  • Large hoppers available if required
  • Can be 'greedy boarded' for increased throughput capability
  • Hinged discharge point for use on gantries over roadways
  • Usually requires a scaffolding ramp for support


Our service includes delivery of our conveyors and parts to any location across the UK.