The FH510 Bulk Feed Hopper provides a continuous feed of materials onto your conveyor belt, so you can load systems easily using a wheeled loader or excavator. The speed adjustable belt allows you to vary the speed of the conveyor to suit your individual project, making this unit the perfect loading solution.  Read more

  • Provides easy loading solutions.
  • Adjustable speed belt allows for continuous loading.
  • Ensures high production rates.

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Coveya's FH510 Bulk Feeder Hoppers are designed to provide a controlled flow of material onto conveyor belts, allowing operators to load systems easily with a wheeled loader or excavator. The hopper provides a buffer of material to ensure continuous loading with a speed adjustable belt and adjustable height legs and gate.


  • Electric 415v Drive
  • Adjustable height legs
  • Variable speed belt
  • Adjustable gate


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