Conveyors to get the job done

Conveyors to get the job done

Improve onsite productivity with conveyor belt systems available to hire and buy

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Conveyor belts engineered to keep your project on time and on budget. Whatever your onsite requirements, Coveya will keep you moving.

Our new conveyor

The new Invader 45 conveyor is the robust yet lightweight 'plug-and-play' solution for mid to large scale materials movement on site.

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To help you choose the right conveyor solution for your project, we'll visit your site, assess your needs, and measure up for time-saving installation.

Our new conveyor the Invader 45
The most powerful portable conveyor is here!

With it's unique 'plug-and-play' design, it's easy to set up and go with the new Invader 45.

Easikit™ Range

Easikit is a range of conveyors designed, manufactured and installed by Coveya. Available in a range of widths from 300mm to 1500mm, our conveyors can be configured to your required length and specification due to their modular design. This design also means reconfiguration of your conveyor is very simple and cost effective, should your requirements change.




About Coveya

With nearly 30 years’ experience manufacturing conveyors for a vast range of applications, Coveya has become firmly established as the UK’s leading conveyor sales and rental company.

We are dedicated to helping our customers fast-track their onsite material movements and reduce project timescales.  Our aim is to enable significant improvements to safety and efficiency, especially in challenging situations.SaveSave

Coveya Knowledge

  • How to load a conveyor
    How to load a conveyor

    Although they're designed to be loaded continuously, conveyors are versatile pieces of kit and almost any loading method can be catered for... if you know how.

  • What power supply do I need for my conveyor?
    What power supply do I need for my conveyor?

    Since conveyors are electrically powered, they’ll need some sort of power supply. Here’s everything you need to know to make sure you’ve got the right power for your conveyor.

  • Conveyors keep Santa moving
    Conveyors keep Santa moving

    Santa's got a problem: his elves have got flu just weeks before Christmas and the presents won't be moved and sorted before Christmas Eve. He needs conveyors... and fast!

  • McGee Group excavate 5-level basement under hotel
    McGee Group excavate 5-level basement under hotel

    When Claridge’s asked for a 5-layer basement with no disruption to the hotel's operations, McGee Group knew they’d need help moving all that material.

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Our guarAntee

If our temporary conveyor system fails to provide real and identifiable project efficiencies, we'll remove it and you won't be charged.