Discover Frequently Asked Questions around Conveyor Systems from Coveya:

Can I hire a conveyor?

Yes, we offer a vast range of conveyors available for short- or long-term hire. Please speak with a member of staff who will be happy to advise cost-effective conveyor solutions for you to suit your requirements, and ensure that you obtain the best solution for your application. Click here to find out more Hire a Conveyor.

How long can I hire a conveyor?

Our conveyors are available for short and long term hire. Please speak with a member of staff who will be happy to assist. 

Are all conveyors available for hire?

Our Easikit range makes the perfect hire conveyor! However, we have a vast range of conveyors for any and all industries available for hire. To learn more about the conveyors we hire get in contact today! A friendly team member will be glad to advise.

Am I better to hire or purchase the conveyor?

This question is dependent on the sites and projects requirements. A member of the team will be glad to advise the best cost effective solution.

Can I purchase the conveyor after hire?

You won’t be the first to fall in love with the conveyor… If you don’t want to say goodbye, then you don’t have to! A member of staff will be able to advise and take you through the process of turning your hire into a purchase. Contact us to find out more.

Do you offer finance options?

Yes! Our finance plans allow you to carry out business as usual. We offer very flexible finance plans up to a 5-year fixed agreement. Get in contact today, a friendly member of the team will be able to advise and tell you everything you need to know, from initial question all the way to setting up the plan!

Can I set up an account with Coveya, and if so, how?

Please speak to our friendly team who will be able to help. They will take a few details from you and advise whether we are able to provide a credit account. If we are unable to do this straight away, we can set up a credit card account for you to get the conveyor to your site ASAP.

What will the conveyor cost?

Less than manpower! Get in contact today to discuss your requirements, and we can provide a quick and clear quote.

What width conveyor do I need?

The width of the conveyor required varies depending on your application, the volume of material to be moved and the type of material being moved. The best way to determine what width you need is to request a free site visit from one of our surveyors. We can carefully assess what is required and specify the best solution for you.

What is the longest length conveyor you can supply?

This varies depending on the different models and available power supplies. Normally up to 14m can be assembled when using a 110v supply, and, up to 40m with a 415v supply. Multiple conveyors can be used to make up even longer runs on your site. This is all dependant on various factors so please speak with a member of the time for more advise, we will be very happy to help.

What are the throughput rates for the conveyor?

This is the ‘Million Dollar’ question! It’s so close to impossible to give an accurate figure because of the variables. It can depend on the material being conveyed, the angle of the inclined conveyor, the moisture content of the material, the weather, and the loading method of the conveyor. The shallower the inclined angle, the greater throughput you will achieve.

The loading method plays an important factor! The fuller you can keep the belt, the better. This often means smaller buckets more often, rather then larger buckets less often. We have capabilities and have previously provided conveyors that have achieved throughputs in excess of 500 tons p/h.

What is the better option when considering a conveyor; a cold joint or a hot joint?

The cold and hot vulcanised joint are both spliced in exactly the same way to join the belt. The main difference is the cold joint, cold vulcanising glue is pasted between the layers with a brush and left to cure under pressure. However, with a hot vulcanised joint, the whole joint is put inside a vulcanising press which gets up to high temperatures to cook the rubber so it all bonds together. In short, the hot joint is a lot stronger, where you will receive longer lasting results.

Do you provide training?

Yes, once the conveyor is installed, we can provide basic training to your operatives for use of the conveyor.

What do I do if a piece of machinery fails?

In the unlikely event that a piece of machinery fails or breaks, please call or get in contact with the team. We will get a service engineer to you as soon as possible to assess the situation and advise how to resolve the issue. If a part of machinery needs replacing, we will provide the parts and get your conveyor looking good as new in no time!

In the meantime, you can browse our Maintenance Videos on our website for help, such as replacing a belt.

Do the conveyors have hoppers?

Yes, all our conveyors are supplied with a hopper. You can discuss this further with a member of staff.

What power supply will I need for my conveyor?

Our Easikit 300 and Easikit 400 conveyors require a 32 amp 110v supply. Our larger conveyors require 415v supplies. Following the correct specification of conveyor, we can advise on aspects of the power requirements.

I don’t have a power supply, how else can I run the conveyor?

Yes, the conveyor can be run from a correctly sized generator and other options such as hydraulic power packs if more applicable. Please speak to a member of the team for more guidance, we will be glad to offer the best advice and solution.

Do you offer a service and maintenance package?

We provide expert service and maintenance packages to all clients. This can be easily discussed and organised with a member of our team. In the meantime, you can click here to watch our simple how to Maintenance Videos 

You can also visit our YouTube channel where there is a wealth of videos to help.

Do you offer installation services?

We offer expert installation services, provided by our expert team. This can be easily arranged with a member of our team, once the order has been placed.

What is the lead time?

This depends on the conveyor you have on order and whether you are purchasing or hiring the equipment. Typically, if you are hiring a conveyor, you can have this on site within 1 week. If you are purchasing a used conveyor, this can be on site within 2 weeks, once any modifications have been made (if you require any) and transport has been arranged.

However, the best way to know the lead tie is to get in contact with a member of the team, who will be able to provide you a clear indication of when you can expect your equipment. Please note, that lead times are subject to when the order is placed, model of conveyor and whether you require any bespoke aspects. The lead time will start once the order has been placed.

Where are the conveyors manufactured?

All the conveyors are manufactured in the UK. This is done in house at our warehouse in Bristol by our expert team.

Do you hold these conveyors in stock?

All wear parts and modular sections used to build our Easikit range are held in stock, ready to be made to order to suit your specifications. Our larger equipment such as the XtraVeya is built to order. A member of the team will be happy to help, and, advise whether we have the conveyor in stock, providing you with a lead time.

Do you hold conveyor parts in stock?

All wear parts are held in stock and are available for immediate dispatch. Click here to find out more Conveyor Parts.

Do you offer bespoke solutions?

Yes! Coveya offer a wide range of bespoke solutions. Whether you want the machine in your company colours or to something much more complex, we can match your bespoke specifications. Get in contact with one of our friendly team members who would be glad to advise more. For more information about the bespoke services and solutions we have to offer, find out more about Bespoke Solutions.

Is there a minimum order value?


Do you ship and sell globally?

Yes, we do! Coveys have sold to places all over, from America to the Netherlands, and most recently all the way down under to Australia with our new international distributors. No matter the distance, Coveya can provide you with an expert conveyor solution and support. You can learn more by clicking here International Distributors.