Coveya has a range of ex-stock conveyors for sale which are fully supported by our market-leading maintenance and support.   All are available for delivery throughout the UK and we can also offer a full installation, maintenance, and training service.

For more information about any of the ex-stock conveyors we have for sale call our Sales team on 0800 915 9195. 

Conveyor: Easikit 900 Mobile 10m conveyor 

Cost: £12,000 + VAT

Description : Coveya Easikit 900 Mobile Coveyor from 2018 in excellent condition. The Easikit Mobile is the ideal solution when you need variable discharge heights for your project (e.g. stockpiling). Durable and weatherproof, the Easikit Mobile is easy to move around onsite, with a hydraulic ram to achieve inclines of up to 17 degrees.

Call 0800 915 9195 for more information.

Conveyor: Easikit 600 Flatbelt 12.3m long conveyor 

£4,068.32 + VAT delivered palletised

Description :

Coveya Easikit 600 Flatbed 12.3m long Conveyor perfect for warehouses (production or picking lines).  The conveyor is new, surplus stock and in very good condition.  It has a 0.3m/sec 415V drum motor with variable speed & E-stops.  Support stands also included.

Call 0800 915 9195 and speak to Barry Thompson for more information.

Conveyor: Easitrak 600 Gravity Roller Track 4.8m long

£595 + VAT delivered palletised. 

Description : Coveya Easitrak 600 Gravity Roller Track 4.8m long conveyor perfect for warehouse (box handling).  The conveyors is two and a half years old and it’s in good condition.   It has 50mm dia. rollers, BZP, spring-loaded at 67mm pitch.  Support stands. 

Call 0800 915 9195 and speak to Barry Thompson for more information.

Conveyor: HC1000 12m long (heavy-duty)

£12,000 + VAT (delivery or collection)

Description : The HC1000 is perfect for the recycling and waste industries.  It has a discharge height of 3.5m, extendable legs, 300mm high side guides, impact bars in its hopper section, and internal scraper and a belt speed of 1m/s.  It has a throughput of over 300 tonnes per hour and 5.5kw Rulmeca drum motor with a C25 chevron belt.  

For more information contact Carsten Herbert on 0800 915 9195. 

4 no. 600mm Wide Flat belt conveyors c/w 415V

£1500.00 each or £5K for all + VAT (delivery or collection)

Description : For quick sale: 4 no. 600mm wide Flat belt conveyors c/w 415V drives, support stands and belts with m/s fasteners and tracking strips each side. lengths flexible; we can build 4m, 5m, 6m, 7m or 8m long to suit. Pics below (the blue one is representative of built unit as we don’t have one assembled).
All used in excellent condition, just one use only. YOM 2018. Available to inspect.  300mm high side walls available if required FOC

For more information contact Carsten Herbert on 0800 915 9195. 

600mm Wide Powered Roller Conveyor

£2500.00 ex works for the following job lot sold as seen (available to inspect): + VAT (delivery or collection)

Description : Used 600mm wide Powered Roller conveyor in stock and surplus to requirements. Superb condition, only used once in an airport.

1 no. 1200mm straight section
2 no. 1200mm straight sections c/w SEW drives
1 no. 900mm straight section c/w SEW drive
1 no. 700mm straight section
2 no. 90 degree tapered roller bend sections
full set of stands to give 350-650 TOR height.

For more information contact Carsten Herbert on 0800 915 9195. 


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