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Easikit™ 600 Conveyor: Available for Sale & Hire

Discover High-Capacity Easikit™ Conveyors for Effective Bulk Material Handling

Product overview

The Easikit™ 600 Conveyor, a standout in our lineup of Easikit™ conveyors, is engineered for the toughest bulk handling tasks, making it a perfect fit for industries such as construction, waste recycling, biomass, and water treatment. This ‘Workhorse’ combines durability, flexibility, and exceptional capacity, ensuring it meets the demands of any challenging environment efficiently.

Why Opt for the Easikit™ 600 Conveyor?

  • Adaptable for Challenging Conditions: The modular design of the Easikit™ 600 allows it to reach extended distances and handle inclines up to 45 degrees, showcasing its robust capabilities in demanding applications.
  • Unmatched Throughput: This conveyor efficiently shifts up to 100 tons per hour, whether handling rubble, soil, or aggregate, making it a highly preferred choice among Easikit™ conveyors for numerous industries worldwide.
  • Superior Durability: Constructed from high-quality materials, the Easikit™ 600 ensures long-lasting performance under the most strenuous conditions.

Key Features of the Easikit™ 600 Conveyor

  • Versatility in Applications: Excelling in settings from waste management to biomass processing, the Easikit™ 600 is versatile and effective in diverse operational environments.
  • Significant Capacity: Ideal for sites that require the movement of large volumes, such as recycling facilities and construction sites.
  • Modular and Easy to Integrate: Its modular design facilitates quick assembly and seamless integration into existing systems.

Easikit™ Conveyors for Sale & Hire: Flexible Solutions for Every Project

Whether you’re in the market to buy a dependable conveyor system for ongoing use or need a robust solution for a specific duration, the Easikit™ 600 Conveyor is available for both sale and hire. This flexibility ensures that you can select the option that best fits your project’s timeline and budget, providing a sustainable investment or a convenient rental to enhance your operational capacity.

Enhance Your Industrial Operations with the Easikit™ 600 Conveyor

To find out more about our Easikit™ conveyors and how the Easikit™ 600 can elevate your material handling processes, contact us today for detailed information, purchasing options, or to schedule a demonstration.

To find out more about the Easikit™ 600 conveyor and how we can help you call us on 0800 915 9195 or email sales@coveya.co.uk.

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Up to 40m

Belt width


Max throughput

60 Tons p/h

  • Move up to 60 tons per hour safely and efficiently
  • Flexible, modular solution can be built up to 40m in one length
  • Durable, galvanised construction for rock solid reliability
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