Water Treatment & Reservoir Maintenance: Thames Tideway Project [EK 600]

Water Treatment & Reservoir Maintenance: Thames Tideway Project [EK 600]

FLO JV are constructing part of the Thames Tideway super sewer tunnel project on the Albert Embankment close to Vauxhall Bridge.

The site is located on the foreshore and has tight space constraints making delivery of material to the tunnel shafts difficult. Coveya were called into look at the feasibility of installing a temporary conveyor solution to move backfill material from the delivery area along the river path to the newly constructed cofferdam in the river approx. 80metres.

The river path has been closed to the public and is used by multiple teams working on or within the cofferdam – the traditional method of using wheeled plant to transport the backfill material would have not only been inefficient and costly but brought safety challenges too.

Coveya provide bespoke solution with the Easikit 600 conveyor for excavation project

Our proposal included a 3D drawing to assist with the project planning and then our fitting team installed the conveyors which were a bespoke solution based on our Easikit 600 conveyor.

The conveyors were loaded by an excavator and then material was then efficiently discharged 80m away into the cofferdam by the conveyors before being levelled and compacted by another excavator.

Product Details – EK600

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