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Easikit™ 450

The adaptable medium-duty conveyor, ideal for narrow working spaces, perfect for low volume bulk material handling.

Product overview

Excellent for medium-duty materials handling over longer distances, the modular Easikit 450 is designed to provide safe, flexible, high performance throughput within narrow working spaces, at inclines of up to 45 degrees.

The Easikit 450 is the conveyor mainly used for basement excavation work and other underground applications. The Easikit 450 minimises onsite downtime and provides an instant solution for moving small rubble, soil and aggregate quickly and safely.  We can also supply an Easiwheel  – a clip-on wheeled unit.

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Up to 20m

Belt width


Max throughput

40TPH Tons p/h

  • Medium-duty materials handling ideal for restricted access areas
  • Move up to 40 tons per hour safely, even at steep inclines
  • Designed for efficiency and simple installation to minimise downtime
  • We can also supply an Easiwheel  - a clip-on wheeled unit
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