Water Treatment & Reservoir Maintenance : Weight restriction for gravel movement on covered reservoir [EK 450]

Water Treatment & Reservoir Maintenance : Weight restriction for gravel movement on covered reservoir [EK 450]

Coveya assist Future Industrial Services remove 750 tons of gravel with practical conveyor belt solutions

Future Industrial Services needed to remove 750 tons of gravel from the roof of a covered reservoir for essential maintenance works

Without the help of the Coveya system we wouldn’t have been able to get the reservoir roof reinstated with 750 tons of gravel. It’s been a Godsend and I’d like to use the system again in the future if need be. Mick Robinson, Project Manager, Future Industrial Services
The project in numbers
  • 750 tons of gravel to be removed to a storage area and then later reinstated

  • 4 weeks to remove all the gravel and 4 weeks to reinstate it

  • 11 Easikit™ 450 wheeled conveyors were linked, totalling 96m

The roof of Crich Reservoir in Derbyshire needed waterproofing and essential maintenance work. However, it was completely covered with gravel which had to be removed first.

Weight restrictions, the risk of contamination from diesel-powered equipment, and significant ground level differences meant trucks, diggers and dumpers were out of the question. If that wasn’t challenging enough, the site had very limited access, restricting large delivery vehicles. This meant any equipment used had to be easy to deliver and install.

Coveya set up a series of Easikit conveyors that allowed the contractor to quickly start work removing the gravel. It had to be safe, both from a manual and environmental perspective.

The 11 conveyors, along with generator power and necessary cabling, were delivered, assembled and installed onsite by Coveya’s expert team in 5 days. On the reservoir roof, Coveya supplied 5m wheeled conveyors so that the customer could easily move them around as they progressed across the roof removing the gravel.

Once the maintenance works had been carried out, the conveyors were quickly reconfigured to transport the gravel back up onto the roof. The flexibility and adaptability of the system meant minimal downtime for the workers and the project stayed on track.

Coveya worked closely with Future Industrial Services to make sure that every aspect of the project went smoothly: from delivery and installation, through the different reconfigurations, to the removal of all the conveyors at the end of the project.

Do you have a weight-restricted or limited-access material handling project that could use a conveyor? Why not let Coveya see how much time and money you could save?

For more information do give us a call on 0800 915 9195 or email sales@coveya.co.uk.  We offer a free onsite visit so that we can make sure that you select the right conveyor for your project. 


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