Landscaping : Landslide excavation moved across 70m [EK 300 & EK 450]

Landscaping : Landslide excavation moved across 70m [EK 300 & EK 450]

Coveya provides the Easikit 300 and Easikit 450 conveyor system solutions in landslide excavation project

A landslide at a residential care home in Derbyshire caused a 72m challenge for local contractors when moving excavation spoil.

The project in numbers

Following a landslide on the boundary of a residential care home in Derbyshire, Coveya was called by a local construction company to assist with the excavation project. The landslide was on the far side of the property; a total distance of 72 metres to bring the spoil to where it could be collected by grab trucks.

To cover the long distance between the site and the grab trucks, a combination of our Easikit 300 and Easikit 450 conveyors were used. Modular conveyor lengths of up to 14 metres made it easy to make up the required distance.

Coveya’s experienced installation teams attended site to carry out the installation, which was a challenge in its own right, due to differences of ground level of up to 3 metres and traversing a 2.5 metre high wall on part of the site. The teams worked closely with the client and scaffold team to ensure the long runs of conveyors were safely supported.

As the excavation involved some oversized material, Coveya utilised “crash deck” roller sets to the conveyors to ensure they could handle the material and keep the project running smoothly.

The conveyors were a great benefit to the smooth running of the excavation operation. So successful, in fact, that Coveya was asked to reposition some of the conveyors to assist in backfilling the excavation area following the initial project.

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