Wrestow Stud [Easikit 450]

Wrestow Stud [Easikit 450]

The Easikit 450 Conveyor Otherwise Known as The Muckavator

We caught up with Sam Burton, owner of Wrestow stud, 7 years after his purchase to see how his conveyor…or as he likes to call it the Muckavator, is helping his site.

15 years ago, Sam and his wife started a business, fowling sport horse broodmares for their clients. As their business got bigger and busier, so did the need for an effective, labour-saving solution.

In comes the Easikit 450, now also referred to as the Muckavator.

After finding us on a Google search and putting in an initial enquiry, our team were fast to respond with various solutions.

The conveyor needed to transport the muck from the stables, through a narrow gap, up and over the wall into a 10-ton silage trailer. The Easikit 450’s adaptable modular design made it the perfect solution. There really is no horsing around when it comes to the Easikit 450!

Since installing the system 7 years ago, it has worked every day and according to Sam, ‘it’s been a very good product and works very well.’

Coveya has supplied Wrestow Stud replacement parts when needed, in order to keep their stables clean and the conveyor up and running at full capacity.

The conveyor has drastically helped staff on the farm by reducing labour time and increasing efficiency.

‘I recommend Coveya for whatever your problem you’ve got to solve, they will come up for an answer for it’ – Sam Burton, Wrestow Stud.

Product Details – Easikit 450

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