Belt Conveyors are best for Water Treatment

Belt Conveyors are best for Water Treatment

Coveya design, manufacture and supply a range of conveyor systems for the water treatment and reservoir industries all of which support sewage and water treatment plants, dewatered sludge, dried biosolids, cake and wastewater handling alongside other treatment processes – for more information click here.

There is an extensive range of conveyor systems out there supporting a vast array of applications and industries but for water treatment, belt conveyors are very effective for handling treated and de-watered sewage sludge post digestion.  Our Easikit range offers the perfect solution for water treatment. 

Our belt conveyors are significantly more affordable then screw conveyors and are easier to maintain.  They are made from galvanised materials, offering durability, and can include an extremely effective belt cleaning system.  The best conveyors are modular and flexible with the belt running over the conveyor frame as opposed to within it which dramatically reduces internal spill of sticky/slippery products.  

The Easikit conveyor offers the efficiency but quality most water treatment facilities are looking for and can support any reduction in manpower, eliminating downtime and enabling the effective movement of dewatered sludge.

It has been used extensively for handling de-watered sludge throughout the entire UK since the mid-1990’s both in temporary de-watering contract works and permanent installations.  Many centrifuge suppliers partner with us and we hold stock for extremely rapid deployment.  

Coveya also boasts probably the largest fleet of rental belt conveyors on the planet at over 250 conveyor systems and can despatch rental conveyor systems to site next day schedules permitting.

If you are working within the water treatment industry and need an efficient, quality and modular conveyor call us on 0800 915 9195 for more information or a free quotation. 


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