An insight into Water Treatment

An insight into Water Treatment

The water industry is a fascinating one which many of us don’t think about. 

When we flush or take out the plug, do we really think about what happens next, how our wastewater is treated, and what happens to the waste? Probably not but there is a truly interesting story to tell. 

UK water utility companies invest over £5.85 billion in water treatment processing and production each year and £5.17 billion in services, employing 45,700 people, creating 86,000 indirect jobs. Approximately 400 specialist engineering companies generate revenues of £1.5 billion.

The UK water industry sets the scene for the rest of the world and it is driven by innovation, efficiency, quality, and safety.  We have a reputation for excellence with 98% of all UK households being connected to the central sewage service.

There are over 7050 sewage treatment works in England & Wales and in 2018, it was predicted that £88 billion would be spent on sewerage treatment capital spend, helping to turn more sewage into a resource including anaerobic digestion to generate heat and electricity on site. 

So where do conveyors fit into all of this?  Well, conveyors offer an efficient, flexible and robust way of processing solid materials including cake, dewatered sludge, and dried biosolids from water and sewage treatment, enabling them to turn treated material into compost for agriculture and products for composting & biomass.  Not only that but conveyors can expand and improve water and sewage treatment facilities, eliminating valuable downtime and enabling more dried water waste to find a new lease of life.

Water Treatment Conveyors

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