Are you facing the Christmas rush?

Are you facing the Christmas rush?

Christmas may seem some time away but with 2020 certainly becoming a year to remember, some businesses are wondering how best to fulfill the usual seasonal increase in sales alongside the orders that have been flooding in as people have been forced to change they way they shop. 

A great many distributors and manufacturers have seen an increase in online orders since lockdown as more and more people are at home and have no option but to look to the internet for their shopping and retail therapy.  So with increases in demand already a reality and even more sales expected as we face the end of the year, conveyors play an important part in enabling businesses to cope with increased orders and returns as efficiently as possible.

Modular conveyors offer flexibility, portability, power and durability.  They can be configured to meet specific movement needs and with easy installation and operation, they provide a practical, safe, and efficient way of moving what you need to, when you need to.

Coveya has recently launched a range of conveyors that have been specifically designed with the distribution and manufacturing industries in mind.  We know the importance to offer cost-effective, quality conveyor solutions to meet ever-changing business needs without delay or ridiculous cost. 

If you are looking to expand or improve existing lines we have conveyors  available for short and long term hire and with immediate dispatch we can have a conveyor at your site before you know it. 

From Flatbed , Easibelt and Eastrak conveyors to the new Lineshaft powered roller and Telescopic gravity roller conveyors, our modular systems come in different widths and lengths and we also offer a seamless service, from a free quotation to delivery, installation, servicing and collection making the whole process as easy as possible.  So, if you are looking for the best conveyor solution to support both your business and the service you offer your customers, we can help. 

For a free quotation and for more information contact Winston Herbert on 0800 915 9195 


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