Avoiding costly conveyor downtime

Avoiding costly conveyor downtime

Routine maintenance checks are very important in maximising the full useful working life of your conveyor. A regular service and maintenance program will significantly reduce the likelihood of cost and production implications caused by unexpected downtime.

Did you know that Coveya’s experienced engineers can provide regular servicing and maintenance of your Easikit conveyors?

Following an initial visit to site for a ‘Conveyor Health Check’, our engineers will be able to report on any initial remedial work that may be required, and recommended how regular your ongoing servicing should be. Frequency of checks will depend on conveyor usage, e.g. material being handled, hours worked per day and the overall condition of your equipment.

Regular conveyor servicing and maintenance will save you time and money

One of the most important procedures to implement in order to extend the life of your conveyor is regular and thorough cleaning to prevent material build-up (particularly around the feed and discharge points). Good housekeeping is essential!

Regular servicing and maintenance by competent personnel is paramount, both for safety, and to ensure the continued operation of your belt and your business.

Downtime costs money. Look after your conveyor!

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