Cardboard and Conveyors

Cardboard and Conveyors

When you think of a conveyor you might automatically picture it at an airport, on a building site, or at the supermarket checkout but conveyors can be found across a wide range of industries and used for a very long list of reasons.  One of them is to produce, process, handle, and recycle cardboard and paper bags. 

From the production of cardboard to make boxes and cartons, to the recycling of cardboard collected each week by our local Councils, conveyors happily enable every stage of the life of cardboard.

Cardboard and paper packaging manufacturers produce a range of products; from corrugated boxes and folded cartons to bespoke contract packaging and with an increase in demand expected over the next five years in line with consumer spending and with many suppliers seeing an increase in demand now as online sales sore due to COVID-19 there is an ever-increasing need for product packaging and it’s recycling, with paper and cardboard at the top of the list. 

Across the UK, over 80% of paper and cardboard packaging waste is recycled. The paper and cardboard manufacturing industry employ over 23,000 people and it will soon become a £5 billion industry with the UK playing an important part in making the very most of this sustainable material. 

Regardless of whether you are making cardboard, moving it, storing it, fulfilling orders, or recycling it, there is one common denominator. 

Each part of the manufacturing and logistics process can be supported by the efficiencies and increase in productivity that conveyors offer. From saving time and money to eliminating downtime, reducing the need for manual labour whilst being safe, flexible, and portable. 

If you are manufacturing, moving, or recycling cardboard or paper, we can help.  From our Easibelt™ conveyor that’s the perfect solution for temporary or permanent processing lines handling loose products and our  Easikit Flatbed™, a robust conveyor for a baler, compactor or shredder infeed and picking lines, to a range of conveyors especially for recycling, we can help to improve and expand packaging processes with conveyors available for short/long term hire and purchase. 

For more information on our range of conveyors for packaging, manufacturing, distribution & logistics, call Winston Herbert on 0800 915 9195 or email 


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