Basement Excavation : Conveyors supporting steep incline on site [EK 300]

Basement Excavation : Conveyors supporting steep incline on site [EK 300]

The Coveya team were delighted to work with Westwood Structural Services based in Essex on a basement excavation project in London that saw our Easikit 300 conveyors come into their own.

Following a site visit and the completion of drawings, the Easikit 300 was hired from our Bristol based warehouse and was used to remove excavation arisings from an existing basement that was to be underpinned and enlarged.

Easikit 300 at a steep incline

The Coveya team installed the Easikit 300 on-site and with a very tight access to contend with, the Easikit 300 was able to elevate the arisings to the first-floor level so that it could then be transported horizontally out into the muck away vehicle.

We have a range of conveyors that are perfect for all types of basement excavation projects however we specialise in conveyor systems that support restricted sites and where conveyors need to transport materials across steep inclines.

For more information do give us a call on 0800 915 9195 or email  We offer a free onsite visit so that we can make sure that you select the right conveyor for your project. 






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