Bespoke conveyors for a systems and automation company

Bespoke conveyors for a systems and automation company

This customer needed a bespoke conveyor system to automate their assembly line.

Upon visiting the company, Coveya completed a detailed bespoke design with their engineering team to ensure that the unit would be suitable for the application and material specifications.

Flat bed belt conveyors with turnover unit x 4 lines.
5 different designs of conveyors.
15 belt conveyors per line.
Total 60 belt conveyors.

This complete bespoke system delivered within eight weeks.

The conveyors are used in the assembly of kitchen cabinets. The first five conveyors are used for the placing of components that make up the shells of kitchen cabinets, the next conveyor is fitted onto a press that presses the units together and allows for the use of robots to staple panels into position, the next 2 conveyors are of a design that allow for the turning of the cabinets through 90 degrees with the following conveyors designed with under belt  lifting bars to aid the placing of packaging material to allow for the wrapping of the cabinets.

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