British Steel [FH520 Bulk Feed Hopper, EK1200 & EK900 Conveyor]

British Steel [FH520 Bulk Feed Hopper, EK1200 & EK900 Conveyor]

Coveya were contacted by British Steel regarding an enquiry for a complex conveyor system.

British Steel had a pre-existing failure on their conveyor line and required a temporary system on hire to bypass the conveyor line.

We designed and installed a modular system that was capable of transporting and feeding raw materials of up to 200 tonnes per hour into their system.

After being in contact with one of our specialists and discussing their requirements, we carried out 2 free site surveys as well as a pre-installation visit from our installation co-ordinator.

We supplied a complex conveyor system consisting of the FH520 Bulk Feed Hopper, the Easikit 1200 2.86m long conveyor, the Easikit 900 14.86m long conveyor, a generator, and a fuel tank on hire.

After the primary order, we delivered and installed the conveyors within 2 weeks from the initial enquiry to commissioned and on site for delivery, as well as including a training session on site.

Our modular conveyor system has successfully transported the raw materials efficiently and has been running without any disturbance.

Due to the success of this collaboration, we are already building and working on new projects on the same site.

Product Details – Bulk Feed Hopper

Product Details – Easikit 900

Product Details – Easikit 1200

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