Composting Facilities Services [Conveyor System]

Composting Facilities Services [Conveyor System]

Coveya has been proudly working with CFS for over 10 years, at the cost of a bacon sandwich! 

CFS is a unique, experimental composting facility, focusing on the compost of sewer waste. Everything that comes through the sewers and treatment works, CFS compost and generate it (with the help of our conveyors!) into high quality, usable compost. Originally, CFS where using augers but faced difficulties when it came to transport the waste, and needed a cost efficient, modular and adaptable solution. This is where the bacon sandwich comes into play!

Coveya Supplies Conveyor Systems to Effectively Move Waste Materials for CFS

Our conveyor experts visited CFS site to determine the most effective and best solution to meet their demands. A deal was made that they would collect the conveyors from our facility for the cost of a bacon sandwich! We systematically supplied a full conveyor system, that has been effectively moving waster material from ‘A’ to ‘B’ for over 10 years! CFS love the adaptability and modularity of the conveyors, operations manager, Clive Harris states “the benefits of Coveya, I would put it into the fact that it’s a sectional system, you can add, replace, takeaway any part of it, quite quickly quite efficiently.”

Coveya look forward to continuing to support and supply CFS with Conveyors! Watch the full case study video below to learn more about the exciting project.

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