Culdees Castle [Invader 45]

Culdees Castle [Invader 45]

‘These are my new best friends’, Rob Beaton, Culdees Castle Custodian. Culdees Castle contacted Coveya in January 2022, in need of a conveyor system to move demolition and renovation rubble for a very exciting project.

Culdees Castle is 220 years old and hasn’t had much maintenance in the last 100 years, so as you can imagine, it was in desperate need of TLC! Rob and Tracy took over Culdees Castle and the estate back in 2019, becoming the new custodians, with great ambitions of renovating the beautiful estate.

Coveya provides the market leading Invader 45 to move demolition and renovation rubble for a very exciting project

No renovation job is plain sailing, especially on a large-scale project such as Culdees Castle, unless you have the help of our market leading Invader 45. There was a lot of debris, rubble, bricks, plaster and more to be transported out of the castle, and the use of spades, buckets and barrels weren’t doing the trick. Luckily, Rob quickly found Coveya with a simple Google search, after being recommended by a friend (thank you said friend).

Our conveyor experts discussed the project with the current custodians and provided the best conveyor solution to match their requirements. We provided on hire since January 2022, 2 portable Invader 45 conveyors. Since the delivery of the conveyors, the Invader 45s have absolutely transformed their ability to transport renovation debris and rubble, moving over 80 tons of material to date.

Rob and Tracy are planning to transform the castle into part commercial for the events business, such as dining rooms, chapels for weddings and bedrooms to boost the accommodation. A few of the floors will be converted into apartments for their family, and the old original side of the castle will be converted into accommodation for the renovation experts, Rob, and Tracy.

And if you couldn’t think this project couldn’t get any more exciting, then think again! Culdees Castle was selected by Channel 4 to feature on ‘Renovation Nation’ and share their journey as they navigate through their renovation project. You can watch the series and episode on All 4 catch up!

‘I cannot recommend Coveya enough. The service is first class, the products are absolutely brilliant, and I would recommend anybody who’s got earth moving requirements, material moving requirements, this is the tool.’ Rob Beaton, Castle Custodian at Culdees Castle and Estate.

If you would like to learn more and follow Rob and Tracy on this journey, visit their website or head over to their Instagram

Coveya look forward to seeing this renovation project grow, and we cannot wait to see the Castle in all its pride and glory when it is finished!

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