Easypack Displays [Bespoke Easikit 900 Swan Neck]

Easypack Displays [Bespoke Easikit 900 Swan Neck]

Easypack Displays is part of the Fencor packaging group. They manufacture and provide companies across the UK with structural and innovative displays. Easypack displays contacted Coveya in need of an efficient solution to transport carboard waste into a compactor, with the aim to reduce their carbon footprint whilst work within safety guidelines.

Coveya Supplies Easypack Displays With Easikit 900 Flat bed Swan Neck Conveyor

We supplied a bespoke Easikit 900 Flat bed Swan Neck conveyor at an overall length of 13.3m long. This conveyor consisted of a 6.4m long flat section for loading and a 6.4m long 25-degree incline section to feed up into a compactors supplied by Thetford International.  A bespoke ramp designed for operatives to sweep cut cardboard onto the belt with ease. The recyclable waste is then transported through the building wall and up into a compactor that is positioned outside. We worked closely with Easypack Displays t ensure we met their specific requirements.  The conveyor is fully covered outside to prevent any water ingress and all critical moving parts were fully guarded to provide a safe solution that significantly reduced labour and the use of other on-site machinery.

Since installation, the conveyor has been efficiently transporting recyclable material, at a cost effective and faster rate, helping to reduce manual labour and downtime on site. Additionally, the conveyor is helping Easypack Displays to meet their goals of reducing their carbon footprint.

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