Basement Excavation : Overcoming access restrictions [Bespoke Conveyor]

Basement Excavation : Overcoming access restrictions [Bespoke Conveyor]

Demolition and excavation for a swimming pool in London… hemmed in by the River Thames.

The site was land-locked on three sides, with a single access for vehicles which was subject to traffic restrictions through an expensive residential area. The fourth side of the site was hemmed in by the River Thames. To make things even more difficult, between the river and the project site, was a public footpath which had to be kept open at all times.

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Coveya provided a solution to carry the demolition and excavation spoil out of the site, over the public footpath, and discharge into barges on the Thames. This enabled muck-away to proceed all day long, at rates of up to 70tph. This was significantly more than what would have been achieved by road, with the traffic restrictions imposed on the site.

The whole project was completed successfully, with minimal disturbance to the neighbourhood, and the public footpath was kept open, and in use for the whole duration of the project.

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