Heyside Plastics [Easikit 1200 Conveyor, Easikit 900 Swan Neck Conveyor]

Heyside Plastics [Easikit 1200 Conveyor, Easikit 900 Swan Neck Conveyor]

Heyside plastics specialise in recycling plastics at the start of the process, the recycled material is then in turn used to manufacture traffic cone bases.

Heyside contacted Coveya requiring an efficient conveyor solution to help improve site productivity, streamline the process and increase health and safety. After the initial call, one of the conveyor representatives visited site to determine the best conveyor solution for them.

We manufactured and supplied an Easikit 1200 and an Easikit 900 Swan Neck conveyor. The conveyors are feeding material in and out of a Linder Shredder, transporting and stockpiling it where it can then be recycled by being used in injection moulding machines. The Swan Neck takes the newly formed moulds that drop out of the machine and carries them up the incline to a table where an operator then processes them to make the cones.

Gary Holt, Heysides Plastics Production Manager talks all about his experience dealing with Coveya and the changes in site since the installation of the conveyor system. Learn more in the case study video!

For more information on our range of conveyors for packaging, manufacturing & distribution call us on 0800 915 9195 or email sales@coveya.co.uk.


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