Rail : River Parrett Bridge Ballast movement [Stockpiler]

Rail : River Parrett Bridge Ballast movement [Stockpiler]

Coveya supplies conveyor system solutions to the rail industry

Coveya has supplied conveyor solutions to rail industry customers, supporting a vast range of projects and applications including the removal and movement of ballast for many years.

In March 2020, we were instructed by K.G.J Price Rail Limited to supply an innovative and efficient high throughput conveyor solution to lift a large amount of ballast from ground level to a raised railway line at a height of 6.28m at a site in Taunton, Somerset.

We conducted an onsite survey ensuring the right conveyor solution was recommended.  As the normal method of bringing the ballast in by track via RRV and trailers was not possible, we supplied on hire for two weeks, one TS189 Tracked Stockpiler & one WM189 Wheeled Stockpiler powered by a generator as backup.  The tracked stockpiler was able to be moved around site with ease with both conveyors being loaded by 20 tons excavators at ground level.

The conveyors were delivered to the site on two articulated low loaders with offloading capabilities.  All necessary RAMS, Lift Charts & Lift Plans were provided to K.G.J Price Rail prior to arrival, and full health and safety instructions were given with our engineers on-site throughout each eight-hour shift to oversee their operation, providing assistance and support, ensuring the material throughput was constant.

Tracked Stockpiler Conveyor

Using the two stockpiler conveyors K.G.J Price Rail was able to transfer the required amount of ballast on the River Parrett Rail line within a period of two 8-hour shifts.  It also enabled them to complete the movement of the ballast with minimal manual labour, ensuring cost and time efficiencies, and with the Coveya team on site, everyone was able to work closely together to enable the completion of the project within the set timescales and budget.

Site Testimonial

‘The conveyors were a great way of getting the ballast up to the track, without it operations would have been much more challenging.’  ‘The controlled speeds were also just right for filling the dumpers.’

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