Manufacturing & Waste Management : Beatus Cartons, South Wales [Easibelt]

Manufacturing & Waste Management : Beatus Cartons, South Wales [Easibelt]

Coveya provides Easibelt 600 conveyor belt solution for Beatus Cartons

Coveya was asked by Beatus Cartons based in South Wales to undertake a site visit so that our expert team could provide guidance on the best conveyor for their site.

They needed to find a solution that would enable them to gather waste strips of cardboard, ejected from their die-cutting machines, back into the waste stream, joining the existing air extraction system and so we recommended our Easibelt 600 conveyors with bespoke side guides.

Beatus Cartons purchased two Easibelt conveyors on mobile frames at 1.5 long and Coveya managed delivery, installation and will assist them with the ongoing maintenance of their new conveyors.

The Easibelt delivers a flexible, reliable, compact, high-quality conveyor solution and it is designed specifically with industrial applications in mind, and it’s a practical and efficient solution for the movement of boxes, cartons and cardboard waste.

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