Manufacturing : Westbury Packaging, Melksham [Easibelt]

Manufacturing : Westbury Packaging, Melksham [Easibelt]

Wesbury Packaging based in Melksham, Wiltshire is an existing customer of Coveya having installed a number of Easikit 600 conveyors onsite and so they asked us to visit them once again to discuss their requirements and recommend the right conveyor to meet their specific needs.

Coveya installs pallet roller conveyor for Wesbury Packaging in Wiltshire

They were installing a pre-feed machine and palletising solution from Alliance in Europe and needed an efficient and reliable conveyor to supplement the outsourced solution.

The pre-feed equipment was at the start and finish of a die cutting machine, taking in pallets of cardboard at the start via the ‘E’ system pallet roller track, through the pre-feeder machine, through to the die cutter machine.  Cardboard is then strapped in small bales, continuing its journey around a skatewheel and Easibelt conveyor, into a palletising machine, ending up with finished pallets coming out onto the powered pallet roller conveyor.

Lineshaft Powered Rollers

Wesbury Packaging purchased an Easibelt 750mm wide 3.9m long conveyor together with a 750mm wide skatewheel conveyor at an 180-degree bend, with a 1400mm wide pallet powered roller conveyor, 6.5m long operating at a 90-degree bend and modifications to ‘E’ system pallet roller track.

Lineshaft Powered Rollers  Lineshaft Powered Rollers

We were able to integrate and provide a seamless conveyor solution and the Coveya team could expertly configure what they needed to provide an overall system that was fit for purpose.  The team also managed its delivery, installation and will continue to support future conveyor maintenance.

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