Oakland International [Easibelt 900 & Easikit Flatbed Conveyors]

Oakland International [Easibelt 900 & Easikit Flatbed Conveyors]

Coveya provides 11 conveyors belt system solutions for Oakland International

Oakland International contacted Coveya requiring a complex conveyor system for their site.

The system needed to transport all their waste products including crates, boxes, food, plastics, and general rubbish.

Several site visits were carried out to assess the project, including drawings, renders and layout plan for our customer.

The conveyor system consisted of 11 conveyors including, 4 off Easibelt 900 10.5m conveyors, 4 off Easibelt 900 6.3m incline conveyors, 1 off Easikit Flatbed 42.8m long conveyor and 2 off Easibelt 900 decline conveyors.

The system overall consisted of just over 130M in length.

Coveya installed the system overnight to comply with their schedule and operations.

The system is efficiently running, removing significant labour from their process, saving large sums of money and time.

Product Details – The Easibelt

Product Details – The Easikit Flatbed

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