Manufacturing: Oakland International [EK 600]

Manufacturing: Oakland International [EK 600]

Coveya supplied six Easibelt 600 10.5 m, long conveyors, on adjustable stands of 700 – 1200mm high which allowed workers to achieve social distancing whilst being able to assemble and pack the boxes with ease.

Oakland International is a multi-temperature supply chain specialist, packing food for business and consumer home deliveries. Having seen a significant increase in demand and production due to COVID-19, and wanting to adhere to Government regulations, ensuring that staff kept to a safe, social distance of two metres apart, they urgently needed several conveyor belts to form an efficient production packaging line.

Coveya supplied six Easibelt 600 10.5m long conveyors on adjustable stands of 700 – 1200mm high. These lengths allowed the workers to remain 2 metres apart and easily assemble and pack boxes. The conveyors are also fitted with variable speed drives to allow for the speed of the belts to be adjusted to suit the specific process of each line.

The conveyors are initial on hire but will be purchased at a later date and the Coveya team were able to get all the conveyors on site within two weeks from order.

If you are looking for a conveyor now to help you meet increased demand, call us on 0800 915 9195 or email  We are here to help. 

Coveya has been very responsive to our needs and we are pleased with what has been supplied so far.

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