Recycleye [Easikit System]

Recycleye [Easikit System]

Coveya supply Recycleye with 4 different conveyor belts for waste management project

Recycleye specialise in robotic systems within the recycling industry. They design, program, and create AI systems with a robot to be placed within recycling facilities, along with a conveyor, to autonomously pick and sort waste on conveyor belts, purify the waste stream.

The conveyor people were called to the job when Recycleye launched their new test centre in the heart of London. They required a test bed in order to showcase their product to clients and potential investors, as well as 24/7 testing of the robot.

Recycleye came with a rough idea of what they wanted, and we accommodated to there needs, manufacturing and supplying 4 different conveyor belts, allowing a constant stream of waste through the system, working to test products 24/7.

They came to hear about us through one of their clients, who just so happens to be another happy customer of ours!

‘The whole experience dealing with Coveya was very smooth, very easy, and very helpful. I would definitely recommend and would keep on buying from Coveya’ – Yann Glausier, Hardware Engineering Manager.

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