Manufacturing: The Somerset Toiletry Company Ltd [Easibelt]

Manufacturing: The Somerset Toiletry Company Ltd [Easibelt]

Coveya supply The Somerset Toiletry Company Ltd with a conveyor belt solution in Bristol

Coveya has its heart firmly in the West Country and although our customers are located far and wide, we love supporting a local company that has a real need for quality conveyor solutions.

The Somerset Toiletry Company Ltd is based just outside Bristol.  They supply toilet rolls and during the COVID-19 crisis when toilet rolls were in higher demand than normal and supermarket shelves were empty, production was increased.

In order to do this, they needed a reliable and practical conveyor on hire for six weeks so we were able to supply one of our 12.3m Easibelt 600 conveyors on a wheeled stand at 800mm.

Click here to watch a video of the Easibelt 600 in action on site.

The conveyor was used to de-stuff toilet roll boxes from 40ft containers by hand.  It stood on the loading dock and transferred boxes from two operators unloading the container into the Somerset Toilet companies warehouse where they could be palletised and then sent out.

The conveyor was simply pushed further into the container when needed and this helped to dramatically decrease the need for manual handling, enabling them to empty containers in well under 30 minutes.

Without an existing conveyor system on-site, Coveya was able to install the Easibelt 600 efficiently and cost-effectively, ready to help them cope with the fluctuation in demand.

“Brilliant piece of equipment saved us hours of time and potential expense, and should we have these levels of demand in the future we will be in touch again”.

For more information on the Easibelt 600 click here, email us at or call us on 0800 915 9195.




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