Constructing a future

Constructing a future

The last few months have tested us all and it seems we are all still on the COVID-19 rollercoaster where no one really knows what’s going to happen next but the wheels of commerce still need to turn and as many businesses prepare a new strategy for the future, one thing is clear.  The construction sector is and must continue to be the bedrock of British industry.

Construction isn’t just about ‘building’.  It’s also about infrastructure, supply, maintenance, providing affordable homes, and creating the space needed for work and for living.  It produces more than £110 billion per annum, contributing 7% of GDP (*Government Construction Strategy) with 25% of construction attributed to public sector projects and a huge 75% dedicated to private sector construction. 

Commercial and social construction projects take up 45% of annual output, alongside 40% for residential and 15% for infrastructure but with the government’s recent announcement on Change of Use, commercial buildings and redundant land will, in the future, be used for much needed residential accommodation.  The balance of the current statistics [60% of all UK wide construction projects are new builds V 40% for refurbishment and maintenance) may alter.   

Coveya has always been extremely proud of supporting the construction, basement excavation, and demolition sectors, manufacturing and supplying conveyors that keep sites moving across the land and we are here to help right now.  We want to do all we can to keep construction projects on track, helping customers to plan for the future, responding to a constantly changing and challenging situation, being on hand to offer the best support, advice, and conveyor solutions. 

Construction continues to be integral to the success of the UK’s prosperity and Coveya is committed to playing its part in making that happen so whether you have a small or large site, one that is straight forward or constrained/complex and regardless of where it is, we can help.

For more information about our range of conveyor systems for construction, demolition and basement excavation call us on 0800 915 9195. We offer free onsite visits!


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