Construction Refurbishment & Conveyors

Construction Refurbishment & Conveyors

According to recently published figures about the UK construction industry, 40% of all annual construction projects are for refurbishment and maintenance with the remaining 60% focused on new build (both housing & commercial). So with so much recycling in construction happening, how can conveyors help?

Coveya conveyors can play an important part on many construction sites and there are lots of benefits to using them; from safely moving and removing soil, rubble, demolition spoils, bagged asbestos, and vegetation to enabling a site to keep on track when there’s a shortage of labour. Conveyors also enable the movement of materials within complex or constrained sites and where passerby safety is paramount.

Conveyors can be used to move strip-out materials from commercial and other buildings, giving them a new lease of life and with the Government now enabling the change of use for so many redundant city centre offices and shops into affordable and social accommodation, conveyors come into their own.

Some contractors will be faced with a difficult challenge – how to safely and efficiently moving old tiles, floors, panels, carpet, etc from a building to a lorry where traffic and people are still driving or walking past the site? Coveya conveyors offer the perfect solution.

They can be used at an incline to transport waste into a lorry or skip without impacting too much on the local surroundings and with a continuous and reliable throughput, they keep on going to get the job done.  

With multiple belt width and types, they can handle pretty much anything and with their modular design, they can be configured to take materials floor by floor, saving time and money.  They can also be installed quickly and can operate continuously for as long as they are needed.  They can also be rented so you only have them on-site when you need the most.

The benefits conveyors can bring is extensive but time & cost savings, improving efficiency, safety and productivity are at the top of the list so for those contractors that are planning refurbishment projects across levels where the movement of materials could be made easier by using a portable conveyor, we have a range of conveyor systems that fit the bill.

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