Construction Supports Economy Post Lockdown

Construction Supports Economy Post Lockdown

According to a BBC article published today,  the UK economy has come back to life slightly slower post lockdown than expected, but the construction industry saw an 8% growth in May as did manufacturing. 

With a government remit to not only build more affordable housing through redundant commercial premises, brownfield sites and empty space already owned by the government, there is an important part to play for the construction industry, not only in providing the facilities that are needed but also to support the wider supply chain, with thousands of businesses across the land waiting to see what happens next.

A construction site comes to life because of a supply chain that’s effectively providing thousands of products and services to keep it on track. So from PPE to wheelbarrows, portable toilets to conveyors, Coveya is one of many suppliers that enable contractors to build what’s needed.

Our conveyors have been involved in some interesting construction projects over the year’s and we are still helping the construction industry to eliminate downtime, save money through reduced labour costs, support social distancing and safety with a range of conveyor systems that keep projects moving.  But, we are also here for the projects of the future which may or may not be on the drawing board now.

Local Authority planning and other departments have been in the same position as the rest of us with staff on furlough which means decisions are delayed but for construction companies that are waiting for approval, think carefully now about what you will need in the future. 

There will be a greater need to keep site staff safe, to save money, and to get a site up and moving as soon as possible. Coveya conveyors can do just that and with stock available for short and long term hire, we are here to help the construction industry get back to some kind of ‘normality’.

8% growth may not seem much but its a start and during the coming month’s let’s hope we see that number increase.  We can’t let things come to a halt but all play our part in economic recovery, laying the ‘foundations’ for the next chapter, post-Covid. 

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