Conveyors and change of use

Conveyors and change of use

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson yesterday announced radical new changes to planning regulations which will come into effect in September 2020.  These changes will see an increase in the number of new homes being built on redundant land and within disused town centre sites. 

This update to planning protocols is the most extensive reforms since the Second World War.  They will enable buildings to change use without planning consent, creating accommodation from regeneration so existing commercial buildings including vacant shops, and builders and construction companies throughout the UK, will no longer need to undergo the normal planning process to demolish and the rebuild redundant properties as long as they will be rebuilt for residential use. 

Anyone who also owns property will now be able to build additional space above their existing property through a fast-track process as long as they follow the neighbourhood consultation process. 

The hope is these changes to planning procedures will not only provide much needed residential accommodation some of which will be affordable without building on greenfield land but it will also help the high street to recover by using vacant space for a bright new purpose. It will go some way to responding to the governments target of investing £12bn in affordable housing, supporting 180,000 new affordable homes by 2028.

That’s not all!  The Prime Minister also announced that the government will look at publically owned land to see if and how it can be managed more efficiently, supporting the greater need for both residential and commercial accommodation, supporting local communities and achieving net-zero goals, as we all try and do what we can to recover from the COVID-19 crisis. 

So where do we come in?

Well, Coveya has a reputation for manufacturing and supplying conveyors that specifically support building, construction, demolition, and excavation projects and with a range of conveyor systems for both hire and purchase, we have a conveyor to suit any site or application regardless of its location, size or complexity. 

So for all those construction, demolition and excavation companies out there that are looking at future regeneration, change of use, residential or commercial developments, we can help you to achieve real-time and cost efficiencies,  increasing productivity and eliminating downtime by helping you find the right conveyor for your project.

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