Conveyors – social distancing, productivity & downtime

Conveyors – social distancing, productivity & downtime

Social Distancing Measures

Conveyors have been supporting a range of industries and applications for  many years, but as we all face this ongoing, unprecedented period of COVID-19, they have an even more important part to play in protecting staff through social distancing, eliminating downtime, and increasing productivity.

Whilst many businesses are struggling to find ways to move and process what they need to within the regulations set out by the Government, modular conveyors can help industries to carry on and even help with an increase in demand, by offering a solution that can fit around specific sites and logistics, reducing the need for staff contact, without compromising the speed of the materials being handled.

As we all need to consider social distancing, conveyors provide an opportunity for employers to utilise efficient, portable, and robust conveyors ensuring staff stay apart and are protected. With the possibility of a reduction in staff conveyors quickly and efficiently move what’s needed, too, from and across the site, eliminating downtime by reducing the need for manual handling but increasing productivity.

Coveya just like many other businesses across the UK has been looking at innovative ways to support customers and the wider business community, alongside its range of conveyor solutions.  So, the team designed COV-Screen, a freestanding or countertop acrylic screen that mitigates the spread of COVID-19, protecting both staff and customers.  You will find COV-Screen across the UK; on building and excavation sites to NHS distribution centres, hotels, reception areas, and recycling plants.  

Over the next few months as we prepare to return to normal, there will be a need to ensure that staff and customers are protected from the spread of COVID-19.  Conveyors not only have an important part to play in making this happen but also offer an efficient, cost-effective, productive , and safe solution.  If you’ve not thought about how conveyors can support your business, site or project you should, and if you want to know more about how you can improve what you already have whilst protecting the people that matter the most to your business, without compromising the quality of the service you offer, Coveya can help.


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