Conveyors can help to expand your operation

Conveyors can help to expand your operation

Many industries have seen an increase in business even though the UK has been catching its breath since the start of COVID-19 earlier this year and with an increase in demand, some of which may be as a direct result of this year’s unprecedented events, some companies may be looking for an efficient and cost-effective way of expanding their operation to meet customer orders and expectations.

This is true of some manufacturing, packaging, logistics, and distribution businesses up and down the UK that has seen an increase in online sales and returns.  They may now be looking at ways of coping with an upsurge in orders, wondering how best to safely move materials and packaging from large containers, across site ready for storage or distribution?

Conveyors offer the perfect solution.  With a range of industrial conveyor systems available for hire and purchase, we can offer line extensions for picking and packaging, floor conveyors, package sortation, and automated conveyors amongst others, offering a seamless solution that aims to improve efficiency and productivity.

We know that things are changing constantly and with a commitment to innovation and customer service, we have recently introduced new conveyors to our range that offer a practical solution when you need it most.  Our LineShaft Power Roller conveyor is ideal for transporting light to medium products that are regular in shape and size, rigid with an even underside, and the Telescopic Gravity Roller conveyor offers the best solution for factories, warehouses, distribution, and logistics centres that are looking for a flexible conveyor solution. 

If you are looking for a conveyor to meet an increase in demand or to simply improve the movement of materials onsite, we can help.  Call us on 0800 915 9195


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